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Independent Technical Assessors - Construction Product Regulations - Ceramics

We are seeking independent technical assessors specialising in Construction Product Regulations - Ceramics. Ideal candidates for the role of external technical assessor should possess expertise in one or more of the following fields:

  • Experience is most likely to have been gained in a manufacturer’s technical department, an analytical testing laboratory, or research Organisation. It should include drafting and/or assessment of test method statements
  • Typically qualifications such as a degree, City & Guilds, HNC, ONC or NVQs in a physical science, earth science, civil engineering or mechanical engineering would be considered appropriate, but relevant experience is more important

Playing a pivotal role in the UKAS assessment process, our external Technical Assessors are instrumental in providing essential knowledge and ensuring rigorous assessments in the mentioned areas.

This is an independent contractual position and not a full-time PAYE role.

Key skills in the following preferred:

  • Experience in internal or third-party auditing or assessment, along with familiarity with ISO 17065, ISO 17020, ISO 17025 and ISO 17021 standards
  • Knowledge of any regulations or legislation applicable to the manufacture/use of the product.
  • Some knowledge of the principles and technology involved in the manufacture of refractories and refractory products and advanced ceramics is required, as well as an understanding of the technology and performance of thermal insulation products, conductivity and thermal expansion
  • Knowledge of the specialised laboratory testing techniques and equipment used to measure the mechanical, physical and thermal properties of these materials and products.
  • Knowledge of the composition of the clays, minerals and additives used in the manufacture of ceramic products, in particular those elements and compounds deleterious to their performance and durability.
  • Detailed knowledge of the basic gravimetric laboratory testing techniques used to determine the range of compounds typically found in these materials.
  • Knowledge of the relevant alternative instrumental techniques is also essential. Typically these are XRD and XRF but other methods are being introduced into newer testing Standards and methods. An appreciation of detection levels for different methods.
  • Specific sample preparation and extraction techniques are used for ceramic material and product testing, and the determination of metals and metallic oxides at low detection levels is required.
  • Knowledge of normal control techniques as they apply to chemical testing, including Q/C control charts, proficiency testing, repeatability and reproducibility etc.
  • Familiarity with standards and specifications applicable to ceramic materials and products. Knowledge of Regulations relating to harmful elements such as lead and cadmium in tableware
  • Some familiarity with standards and specifications especially harmonised European Standards, applicable to the testing of materials and products in this category. Basic knowledge of the Construction Products Directive and CE marking and awareness of other Regulations governing these products

Independent Technical Assessors - Construction Product Regulations - Ceramics


Published on 19 Jul 2024

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