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Rochdale Town Hall Heritage Construction Advisor

Rochdale Town Hall Heritage Construction Advisor

Appointment of Rochdale Town Hall
Heritage Construction Advisor


Fixed term consultant appointment Novem ber 2021 to October 2023
with a possible 9 month extension . Part time role to equate to 2 full
days per week (1 6 hours) . Hours can be flexible but will need to meet
needs of the project.
LEAVE ENTITLEMENT: Leave is unpaid and to be planned & agreed with RDA. Consent to
all reasonable leave requests will not be withheld.
RESPONSIBLE TO: Emma Birkett – Heritage D irector

Rochdale Borough Council, in partnership with Rochdale Development Agency (RDA), is restoring the
Grade I listed Town Hall externally and internally, making all the principal ceremonial rooms accessible and
freely available for the first time in its 150 -year history. Facilities will be upgraded and local people and
visitors will be engaged in the heritage of the building, town and borough. The project is now on site and
will part open to the public in summer 2023. An additional element of the works (Phase 3) will continue for
up to another 9 months on site. Total overall value for all phases is around £30m.
The RDA is lo oking for an experienced consultant to work with the RDA client team t o advise and gu ide the
client team on the issues and challenges that the restoration of town hall will inevitably bring.
This role is site based, using the established project office. Parking on site is available, free of charge. Use
of project office faci lities is available, including WIFI and printing. The consultant is expected to bring their
own laptop to site.
This post holder will also be responsible for the client side on -site inspection of the construction works in
order to monitor quality, program me and scope of the construction during the 2 year construction period.
The role will include working closely with the client side team and the RDA, regular on -site meetings,
extensive record keeping of inspections and monthly reporting.
The site work wi ll be carried out by a main contractor under a traditional JCT building contract, and this will
be administered by an appointed architect/Contract Administrator.
The role will report to the Heritage Director, and keep the Contract Administrator and cost manager fully

This role is NLHF funded and forms part of the project requirements. It is therefore a role that will be
competitively tendered on the basis of both the cost of providing the role and the q uality of the consultant
This role will be advertised in Construction News and candidates will be req uested to submit the following:
1. A detailed CV which makes clear reference to relevant experience. In particular candidates need to
evidence experience of und ertaking all key duties listed in this application on a listed construction
project. Candidates are requested to focus on 3 main relevant examples of a similar role of a Grade
1 listed building.
2. A daily cost ( 8 hours ), excluding VAT, but including all re levant expenses. This day rate will be
used to calculate a total cost based on a 2 year contract, 2 days per week, 46 weeks a year.
Candidates will be requ ired to confirm IR 35 status.
3. An interview where candidates will be given the opportunity to prepare answers to a series of
questions/scenarios related to the restoration of a Grade 1 listed building.

Submissions to be electronically submitted to by:
Friday 24 th September at 3PM. Interviews to be held on 4 th and 5 th October 2021.

Each candidate will scored in the following manner:
Quality of CV and relevant experience: 60%. Candidates will be marked out of 15 for each of the 3 main
examples with a f urther 15 marks available for other relevant qualifications and experience.
Total cost for 2 year offer: 30% .
- The lowest submitted daily ra te with score the full 30%
- 10% difference will be awarded 29%
- 20% difference will be awarded 28 %
- 30% difference will be awarded 27%
- 40% difference will be awarded 2 6%
- 50% difference will be awarded 25 %
- More than 50 % difference will be awarded 20 %

Interview: 10% . Interviews will be held with the contract administrator and Heritage D irector on site and the
answers to the set questions will be scored out of 10 (5 questions, each with 2 marks)
Start date: 1st November 2021

• To closely monitor the application of the construction phase Health & Safety plan and CDM
• To liaise closely with contractor’s H&S representatives and attend weekly catch -up meetings.
• Where required if there is a breach of the above H&S regulations to stop works until said breach
has been rectified. Responsibility for H&S on site shall remain the responsibility of the main
• To make decisions on quality issues and methodology within the listed building context and to issue
on site instructio ns (CVI) were deemed appropriate, and if required suspend works where there is a
quality breach or where there is a deviation from agreed drawings / specifications / within contract
• To work with contractors supervisory personnel to support intelligent programming of the works and
full understanding of delivery programme . Scrutiny of the contractor’s programme & logic and
interpretation of this in terms of what it means for the project team.
• To a gree joint q uality control procedures with cont ractors in accordance with client / client team /
design team requirements.
• To work with the design team on buildability , logic & sequencing and value engineering .

A. Contract supervision
1. Monitor the application of the Health & Safety plan and CD M regulations.
2. On site contract supervision in compliance with the contract documentation, drawings and
3. Regular discussions and liaison with Design Team members, contractors, and site operatives.
4. Monitor quality of operations and workmanship including issuing of site instructions both verbal and
written to main contractors for corrective action.
5. Monitor q uality of materials and ensure materials meet the required standards as set out in the
contract documents.
6. Witness site tests .

B. Contract administration
7. Preparation of weekly reports and recording daily communications with contractors / site teams.
8. Attend site meetings including monthly progress meetings.
9. Maintain electronic records including email correspondence.
10. Monitoring and reporting progress against programme to the project team.

C. Project Management
11. To work with the RTH Project Team to deliver the agreed project scope ad programme .
12. Liaise with the Project Team throughout all stages of the project.
13. Identify any potential or actual risks.
14. Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion.
15. To review relevant contractor documentation .
16. To review relevant consultant documenta tion .
17. To produce monthly update reports .
18. Support any value engineering exercises .

D. General Requirements
1. The Heritage Quality Officer should have full knowledge of Historic building Practises with particular
experience and full understanding of the integration of up to date modern systems and services
within the Historic fabric of Listed Buildings.
2. A knowledge of structural and temporary works design and implementation and in particular their
potential to harm the Historic fabric of the building and to raise any issue with the design team.
3. To be able to mentor the si te operatives and less experienced team members to ensure full
collaboration and co -operation and to share knowl edge and experience across the s ite team. The
project may be able to develop a trainee COW role and it would then be the responsibility of the
construction advisor to mentor this individual and support their training programme.
4. The Heritage Quality Officer should have strong interpersonal and com munication skills with the
ability to interact with people.
5. Insurance required: Public liability insurance of £1M and professional indemnity insurance of £500K &
employers liability o f £5M .

Rochdale Town Hall Heritage Construction Advisor

Rochdale Development Agency
Town Centre
Consultant, Part Time
more than 10 years of experience
Based on a submitted daily rate

Published on 16 Sep 2021

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