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Careers In Construction - Project Management Qualifications

Written on 3/27/14

Project managers are a vital component of the construction process. In their oversight role, project managers are responsible for the planning and execution of a construction job - monitoring the progress of work from beginning to end. The project manager must ensure everyone on-site is doing their job and doing it safely - while also making sure raw materials and resources are provided. They interact with every level of their working environment: from labourers and associate management staff, to architects, engineers and administrators.

Given the importance of the project management role, many vacant industry positions require prospective candidates to hold professional accreditation. If you are thinking about a career in project management, it is worth familiarising yourself with some of the most popular professional training certifications which construction employers look for when choosing their employees.

Project Management Professional (PMP):

The most widely-recognized industry credential for project managers, PMP certification is known and sought after by employers across the world. PMP certified professionals can expect to increase their marketability and salary potential - and learn about every level of project management in extensive and intensive detail. Eligibility varies depending on academic credentials, but candidates should have extensive project management experience and a secondary or university-level qualification before applying.

RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management:

Focussing on problem solving, effective construction practice and meeting client needs, the RIBA certificate is a hands-on modular course for experienced project managers seeking to improve their competence and professional technique. The certificate also places a strong emphasis on the culture of communication in the modern construction industry. Course components are taught face to face and via distance learning.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM):

The CAPM is a valuable, entry-level certification which is designed to help new project managers make the step up to working on larger projects. The course is designed to demonstrate a candidate's ability to take on more responsibility and serves to increase their profile in the industry. The qualification requires a secondary level of education along with extensive experience working on construction projects.

Program Management Professional (PgMP):

PgMP certification is designed to show a candidate's ability to manage multiple, related projects simultaneously, and use their abilities to achieve strategic goals. The credential helps established project managers move into senior positions and develop a wider skill-set. Eligibility varies depending on academic experience, but candidates with a secondary education and extensive practical experience of project management may apply. The PgMP certification is internationally recognized.

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP):

Designed to focus on the demands, complexity and diversity of modern construction projects, the PMI-RMP certification focuses on helping candidates identify risks to the success of their project. Open to candidates with extensive project management experience, the course demonstrates individual competency in assessing risk, mitigating threats and capitalising on solutions to the myriad challenges of construction. PMI-RMP certified candidates are recognized by employers as significant assets to any project.

PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP):

The PMI-SP certification demonstrates a project manager's aptitude in the specific discipline of project scheduling. The high-pressure timetables of modern construction projects involve pressurised decisions and significant forward-planning and PMI-SP certified project managers have demonstrated their ability to fulfil this highly-specialized scheduling role. Eligible candidates must have extensive practical experience - the amount of which varies depending on their level of educational qualification.

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