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Construction Jobs in Dubai

Dubai offers an exciting future for those working in the construction industry. Find out more here
Written on 2/6/14

Construction Jobs in Dubai

When it comes to modern architectural wonders, few places in the world match Dubai. The city's climate of expansion and growth have made it a focal point for a huge variety of exciting construction jobs, which draw thousands of workers from across the world each year. If you are thinking about your next career move in construction a move to Dubai may be a great opportunity

Rising growth and opportunity

Home to a range of incredible structures, like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab, Dubai is experiencing an unprecedented increase in on-going construction projects. Reflecting a pattern seen across the United Arab Emirates, foreign workers, business owners and investors are descending the city, driving business and creating employment opportunities in a spectrum of environments and disciplines. This trend saw $67 billion worth of new contracts awarded to member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2013, an increase of over 50% from 2012. In 2012, the UAE's construction market was valued at $39.4 billion and, it is estimated, will see an annual growth rate of 9.5% up to 2016. To facilitate and maintain the boom, favourable government policies have been put in place, including permission for non-UAE freeholds and leaseholds - aimed at attracting direct investment from foreign organisations which wish to acquire and build properties in Dubai.

In November 2013, Dubai hosted The Big 5 construction expo - the largest industry showcase of new products and technologies in the Middle East and a launching pad for thousands of companies and manufacturers from all over the globe. Andy White, group event director for The Big 5 pointed out that having so many international companies attending the expo was "a testament to the strength of the Middle East marketplace".

Working in Dubai

The opportunities available for construction workers in Dubai are varied. While the city's skyline is full of striking landmarks, there are a range of projects taking place at any given time - from the city's numerous extravagant hotel and tourism projects, to its sporting culture and sprawling utilities infrastructure. The range of projects includes roles for civil engineers, architects, transport planners, maintenance workers and project managers, amongst many others.

Companies offer foreign employees attractive relocation packages, including accommodation, insurance, travel and other perks, like language lessons. As the city continues to expand, construction vacancies are common: career progression can be swift, as companies eager to remain competitive seek the best possible individuals for available roles. Salaries in Dubai and wider UAE countries tend to be around 10% more than equivalents in Europe and the UK - but have the added benefit of the UAE's very relaxed tax regulations.

Living in Dubai

Dubai itself is one of the most exciting and thrilling urban environments in the world - and caters to thousands of foreign residents and employees. Lavish restaurants and shopping malls can be found around almost every corner and leisure time may be spent relaxing on the beach, strolling the waterfront or on trips out into the desert landscapes surrounding the city. For skilled workers, the standard of living across the city tends to be higher than the UK - with the benefit of year round good weather!

As money pours into Dubai, the city and its construction industry continue to grow. Workers from all over the world are seizing the opportunities the city offers - and, if you are beginning an engineering career, a job in Dubai may offer a path to career success.