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Murphy commits to developing the best QS Talent

With Murphy’s ambitious 10 year growth plan entering its decisive phase, there are exciting prospects for Quantity Surveyors joining the infrastructure specialist’s Commercial department
Written on 4/5/18

With Murphy’s ambitious 10 year growth plan entering its decisive phase, there are exciting prospects for Quantity Surveyors joining the infrastructure specialist’s Commercial department.

New opportunities exist, from entry level up to management, for QSs who bring something special to the table – and for those who can, there will be unprecedented support with career progression and professional development.

“We’re looking for the best,” says Commercial Director Peter Tosland. “And if you are the best, Murphy is the place you will flourish.”


So what makes someone right for Murphy? What makes the best candidate? “I look for that spark, that passion,” says Tosland. “You don’t just accept what you’ve heard, you keep asking why? Obviously we want you to bring solutions, but we want you to bring challenges too.” Does this mean that there is a Murphy QS ‘type’?

“We don’t want clones. There are so many different facets to Commercial, we don’t want everyone the same. If you have a particular interest in reporting or financial or you prefer the contractual side – if you’re the best you can be in those areas, we’ll find a place for you.”

But in the world of QS there is always a bottom line and, as Tosland confirms, at Murphy the bottom line is that it’s not for everyone, only for people who are able and willing to stand up and be counted, to throw themselves into fresh challenges and to see the bigger commercial picture.

“Of course we’re here to make margin – that’s what Commercial does – and I want those QSs who are passionate about maximising that margin. But you do that by maximising the business – and yourself.”


This is where Murphy’s commitment to developing its QS talent is so important. The company has put in place a highly supportive structure with people focused leaders and managers doing their best to ensure broad exposure across all the necessary competencies.

“We have a massive push to make sure that every QS in the business is Chartered in the coming years,” Tosland says. “And that’s not just asking you to go and do it yourself – we totally support it, with mock interviews, with checking your documents, with external support and really driving that agenda for you.”

Part of the reason why such supportiveness is built into the structure of the department is that Commercial is itself a function supporting the business as a whole. QS recruits will find themselves part of a community that networks widely and encourages them to make a key contribution to many different business activities.

“It’s all focused on how we can improve you because ultimately we’re focused on how we can improve the business and make them the best they can be, commercially. So we train you – to train the business.”



This mindset comes directly from Murphy’s renowned ability to ‘self deliver’ a one stop client service. As well as having their own assets, the company directly employs, trains and develops more than 4,000 skilled staff – and as  Tosland emphasises, the added exposure that is offered by this unique business model shouldn’t be underestimated.

“There are so many other elements that you’ll learn when you get here – such as how do you control your own labour or your own internal plant and how do you maximise that for the business. Add to that the sheer diversity of the jobs we do and the sectors we’re in, rail, water, power, natural resources... if you want to better yourself, and be the best, this is where you need to be.”

There are immediate QS opportunities at all levels, in locations across the UK and around the world, including the option to be permanently located at Murphy’s London workbase. All roles offer competitive salaries and a full range of benefits.

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