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Why Become a Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity Surveying is becoming the career to get involved in now more than ever before. Find out just why Surveying is the place to be!
Written on 7/18/14

Why become a Quantity Surveyor?

The entire construction industry fits together like a stack of bricks- remove one from the pile and the whole thing collapses.

Quantity Surveying is the keystone that props the construction industry up, the cement that holds it all together, and this cog in the gears is becoming more important than ever before.

A good quantity surveyor commands respect from the rest of the industry wherever they are because of how essential they are to the entire project, and the employers know this. Evidence suggests that Quantity Surveyors are more in demand than ever before, with top salaries rising by over 9% in the latter half of 2013 alone*compared to areas like Architecture which have even seen a dip across the board.

Where can I find a Quantity Surveying role?

Being such a specialised position, you would think that Quantity Surveying jobs are few and far between, but the reality is that they are in extremely high demand. Of all of the jobs advertised on careersinconstruction, approximately 25% are in Quantity Surveying, so the opportunities are very much out there.

Why should I leave my current job?

Being in high demand comes with additional perks. With salaries growing faster than any other major sector of construction, employers have to work harder than ever to make their jobs stand out from the crowd- this means added benefits that come in all sorts of varieties.

Why would I move sector?

As appealing as many of the opportunities can be, nothing is developing at quite the rate that Quantity Surveying is. In the past year, the number of Quantity Surveyor roles in the UK has jumped by an astonishing 72%, marking it as one of the best jobs in the UK to be applying to.

With salaries on the rise and an abundance of vacancies opening across the country, Quantity Surveying is marking itself as the industry to be involved in.

Why haven’t I heard about this sooner?

We know! With all of the outstanding opportunities presented by the surveying industry it’s a minor miracle that people are still considering other career paths, but the truth of the matter is that this surge is a recent development within the industry. Rest assured though that as everyone else begins to realise, the jobs will be disappearing faster than they can be advertised as top quality candidates apply.

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*Data collected through Innovantage